MaXi-Trail Séries


An invitation to discover

More than races, the MaXi-Trail Series are human and sporting adventures that highlight human and territorial discoveries.

Surpassing oneself



Beyond the sport

The MaXi-Trail Series project was born out of a meeting with various sports event organizers and our desire to promote the practice of sports as a facilitator of human exchanges and discoveries.

Participating in one of the races will be an opportunity to set yourself a sporting challenge, but above all it will be a wonderful opportunity to discover exceptional cultures and landscapes.

Each event will be the opportunity to discover a team of local organizers who are eager to make you discover their spot and share their passion for Trail.

Européan Salomon MaXi Trail Séries

On each European stage (France, Sicily, Madeira), a race of a distance between 70 and 100km will be part of the SMTS Europe.

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End of may
Annecy lake tour by the mountains


End of july
Run around Etna Volcano

South Africa

Beginning of october
Cap and vineyard discovery


Trail between volcanoes and summits


Beginning of december
Discovering a thousand-year-old culture


Beginning of december
The island of 1000 paths

The DNA of the MaXi-Trail Series

  • A prestigious location, a dream destination, a call to travel and explore…
  • An international and popular event with different races to find a challenge that suits your desires/abilities
  • An immersion in a culture and the opportunity to discover some of the local treasures
  • A mountain area with a maximum of elevation changes, views and single track trails
  • Maximum respect for the environment and strong local involvement

This is the common essence of all the Maxi-Trail Series, although each one is absolutely unique.